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We also support individual professionals of all backgrounds who are seeking career support and guidance.

Personalized Career Support for Professional Development

Do you need to proactively plan the direction of your career or deal with immediate career issues? If so, Integrated Services is able to professionally support you.
The following individuals have benefited from our personal Career Consulting services:
  • People working in Kolkata  who are frustrated or unsettled in their current work environment
  • Spouses accompanying their partners on an  assignment in Kolkata  and wanting to explore opportunities to work here
  • People threatened with losing their job due to retrenchment etc.
  • Mothers returning to the workforce and trying to match their skills with the current job market needs
  • People who are faced with a difficult situation at work and need to talk to someone
  • Anyone searching for a job and wanting support with their job search strategy, writing their resume, preparing for interviews, etc.
  • Career Consulting is confidential support which is tailored to your needs. It is a fee-based service, open to the public.

Description of Services
Career Profiling and Planning Package

This package involves one-on-one consulting, a personality test to determine strengths, interests and personality preferences, followed by a complete analysis of the results. This is a practical process designed to uncover information about the individual's personal and work preferences, as well as exploring how this information can be applied to establish steps for enhancing future career satisfaction.
Career Support for Accompanying Spouses
We assist accompanying spouses to make the transition to Kolkata as seamless as possible by addressing career-related issues. Each program is customized to meet the needs of the client and may include:

  • Face-to-face meetings with our Career Consultant discussing of professional issues caused by relocation
  • Defining which services may best satisfy the client's specific needs
  • Assisting with CV/resume & cover letter development and preparation
  • Identifying resources and developing skills for the job search
  • Identifying satisfying volunteer or career-related/enhancing opportunities
  • Supporting in adjusting clients professional background to the local market
  • Assisting with interviewing skills
  • Advising on professional contacts in similar career fields

Consultation on Work Issues

We offer confidential consulting on any workplace issues or difficulties encountered in the workplace (apart from legal issues). These problems may be as diverse as redundancy, sexual harassment, cross cultural issues or job stagnation.

For Executives

The objectives of Executive Coaching are to:

  • Cultivate awareness of how others perceive you in the workplace
  • Capitalize on your leadership strengths and identify areas for improvement
  • Acquire new leadership strategies, develop tactics and take action
  • Develop confidence and define yourself as a leader
  • Deliver and surpass your organizational goals
  • Enhance internal and external communication as a leader
  • Develop self-awareness of your behavior patterns
Our Services
MBTI A Tool for Developing the People in your Organization.
Executives make decisions every day, from determining major strategies, which impact the business long term, to daily operational initiatives. To improve knowledge and skills, our coaches serve as a sounding board for decision-making, mirroring individual management styles as well as exploring ethically laden issues.

Integrated Services provides Executive Coaching by developing a comprehensive system for leadership across an organization, as well as supporting individual executives and managers. The Executive Coaching section provides more details on the process and objectives.
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