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Training being one of the most meaningful external input needed contiguously for contributing to the survival and growth of the organisation and Quality Training being in - short supply, at Integrated Services  , Training is a major focused activity.

Our client segments include:
   o Corporate Houses in India
   o Government and Multilateral Bodies
   o Educational Institutions in K-12 segment, Higher Education, Vocational Training, and Ancillary Sectors
   o Publishing Houses, Testing & Training Bodies, Technology Companies

We look at existing competencies among your staff, your deployment and learning environments. Then we come up with programmes that combine workshops and seminars, online and offline technology-based options and written materials in a mix designed to suit your unique circumstances and audience.

Whether you have a discrete project, longer-term engagement or support for an HR /Sales/Retail and/or IT system rollout in mind, we have a range of services that can give you all the help you need.

The Integrated Services Difference
  • Commitment to provide time and cost effective solutions that meet your organizational objectives
  • Needs analysis for every program, ensuring specific needs are addressed
  • Training content customized to specific client & participant needs
  • Interactive and participative approach to skills training
  • Understanding of the Indian  work environment and employee developmental needs
  • Results are evaluated against specific program objectives
  • Bilingual delivery
  • Manual and other materials provided to all participants, for later use and review
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