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Parent coaching is proving to be a valuable and unique way for employers to support working parents in the most important and challenging job they do - being a parent. By helping staff to balance their work and home lives improves retention, can increase productivity and can be an important aid to recruitment. We believe Success at Home = Success at Work
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For Parents
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Workshop topics include:

  • Bringing Out the Best in Your Children
  • Communicating with your Teenager
  • Teenage and Boundaries
  • Dealing with change, uncertainty and bad news
  • Dealing with Toddler Tantrums
  • How to Get kids to Follow Instructions
  • Staying Calm, Being Positive
  • Homework: Making it Stress Free and Motivating Your Child
  • How to Talk so Kids Will Listen
  • How to Listen so Kids Will Talk
  • Positive Discipline: Finding the Balance
  • Fostering Self Esteem and Resilience in Children
  • Fostering Harmony Between Siblings

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Financial Statement Analysis & Modeling with Excel
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Skill Development for BPL Youths
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